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Leonard & Diane Bacon

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"A Memory that Lives Forever"

Memorials for your cemetery plot are bought
Only once. So be sure of the quality before you buy.
No one can be sure what he or she will get
Unless they see some of the
Monuments or markers either in stock or
Erected by the firm soliciting the business.
Nothing can be more disappointing
Than a poorly finished monument without the
Artwork needed to make it a work of art & beauty.
Let us show you some of our work. We are proud of it.

Fine monuments can only be made of top grade granite
In shops equipped with the latest and
Newest facilities for cutting, carving and
Inscribing of letters perfect and true.
Save money too, by buying direct from the manufacturer.
Having no salesmen, we are able to save you commissions.
Erection of a monument or marker by us ensures
Real perfection in workmanship and material.
Service and satisfaction is our main goal!

We have competitive prices and are ready to serve you at either of our two convenient locations.